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Why Us

Why Badge Buddies? The Growing Need for Efficient Identification.

Today, you need more than just an ID card to be identified in the workplace. Our solution makes it easy to see the title of each person by displaying it large underneath the ID badge. At a quick glance you will know if you are speaking with a Doctor or a Registered Nurse.

With the needs for employee and student security growing each day, Badge Buddies have become a staple for hospitals, schools, and growing businesses like yours. We understand the needs for quick identification for each and every industry. Providing key identification information at a quick glance is the power of Badge Buddies.

When you use Badge Buddies you can rest assured that your staff will be efficiently identified. Our Badge Buddies boldly show your role in the workplace.

Our Badge Buddy Builder was created to make it easy for you to start benefiting from this exciting new product with the click of your mouse.