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Badge Buddies® Has Your ID Backed for Every Industry!

For whatever sectors you’re working in, Government, Civilian ,Doctor, Secretary or your profession. If you are working in a job that requires an ID badge and clear identification of who you are, such as in medical or educational jobs, you will have a use for a Badge Buddy.

Medical Personnel

Your Patient’s peace of mind is crucial to their overall health. Badge Buddies® provide the clarity that is needed to assist in this endeavor. Our Badge Buddies® boldly show your role in the workplace.


What is more secure than Government Facilities? Very few establishments, in fact. Security measures are increasingly high when it comes to Government run facilities. And part of those security measures include identification badges and that is what Badge Buddies® are all about – Making Identification Clear Cut!

Student & Faculty

On a regular basis, schools and other educational institutions beef up security and as a part of doing so require students and faculty to wear identification badges. In order to prevent any mistaken identities and to ensure only the people who are supposed to be there, are there, Badge Buddies® has you covered!